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One of Oregon’s largest Elder Law and Estate Planning firms with 80+ years of experience serving the Pacific Northwest, Fitzwater Law provides friendly, responsive, and high-quality legal counsel for your probate, special needs planning, guardianship/conservatorship, and Medicaid needs. We are committed to aiding and educating our community and serving as a reliable source of information and assistance.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive


A successful estate plan aims to distribute what you own at your death according to your wishes while preserving family harmony. The estate planning attorneys at Fitzwater Law have extensive experience working with clients on broad range of issues complex taxes to blended families to establishing trusts for children. We strive to communicate technical legal issues in a way that is understandable and often use a white board to visually diagram the concepts.

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Trusts, Trustee, Special Needs Trust, Income Cap Trusts


There are many different types of trusts.  Some trusts – called revocable living trusts – help avoid probate. Some trusts hold funds for a child until they reach a certain age or even for their lifetime.  Special needs trust protect a person’s eligibility for certain public benefits. Our attorneys understand all of the legal aspects of trusts, from assisting you in the creation of a trust to funding trusts to representing trustees who are responsible for managing trust assets.

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Special Needs Planning, Special Needs Trusts,


Fitzwater Law is well recognized as one of the leading Oregon firms whose practice focuses on working with families who have a loved one with special needs. In addition to our knowledge of public benefits, guardianships and special needs trusts, our attorneys give speeches around country to groups and families on special needs topics. We also volunteer our time with non-profit groups dedicated to serving the special needs and disability community.

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Guardianship, Conservatorship,


A guardian is appointed by the probate court to make medical and placement decisions for a minor (under 18 years) or adult incapacitated person (the 'protected person').  A conservator is appointed to handle the finances and pay the bills for someone who is financially incapable.  If the person is in crisis and an emergency exists a temporary guardianship or conservatorship may be appropriate.  The attorneys at Fitzwater Law have the experience and skill  to assist you and your family with your guardianship and conservatorship needs.

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Medicaid, Income Cap Trusts, Long-term Care


The Medicaid program is the largest source of payment for long-term care in Oregon.  It covers the full range of long-term care services, including skilled, intermediate and custodial care, adult foster home, and in-home services.  The attorneys at Fitzwater Law are here to assist you and your family with Medicaid eligibility, Income Cap Trusts, spend-down options, applying for Medicaid and responding to a Medicaid Estate Recovery claim.

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Probate, executor, estate attorey


The attorneys at Fitzwater Law are here to guide your family through the probate process.  Probate is a court process that can be required when someone dies even if they signed a Will. It can take many months and requires many formal documents to be presented to the court. Our experienced attorneys can guide family members and friends who are serving in the role of personal representative (sometimes called an executor) and help them navigate the probate court rules and requirements.

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Elder Law, Elder Attorney, Medicaid, Incapacity, Long-term Care


Elder Law is a specialized area that involves counseling and assisting seniors and their families regarding financing long term care and managing incapacity with an emphasis on providing the highest quality of life to the elderly or incapacitated person. Wes Fitzwater was one of a handful of Oregon attorneys who developed and focused the practice of law that is now known as Elder Law. The attorneys at Fitzwater Law are here to assist you and your family with guardianships, conservatorships and Medicaid planning.

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