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We are dedicated to meeting your legal needs in a professional and friendly manner. Read what our clients and partners in the community have to say about their experience with Fitzwater Law.

 Dave has mentioned several times how helpful you were in explaining the trust language to us.  His comments have been spontaneous and sincere.  He has said specifically that you are a good teacher, very patient, and used good examples to help explain the trust.  We both appreciated the time you took with us and I agree that you are very good at explaining legalese in plain language and are very patient.  
- Kate -

I thought I would follow up and let you know the reason that I referred my friends to you. A few years ago, I needed general guidance on a client’s trust matter. I called your firm out of the blue and asked to speak with one of your attorneys. I believe I was transferred to Melanie Marmion immediately. She gave great quick advice, and I was so appreciative of her time and her willingness to help someone she doesn’t even know. I’ve remembered your firm since then and have heard great things as well along the way.

- Victims Rights Law Center Attorney -

I really appreciate you and your firm. Working with you and everyone there is always a pleasure, and your pleadings are always perfect. I´m tempted to gush about you and your firm whenever I am asked. An inordinate amount of my time is spent dealing with attorneys who don´t understand probate and whose pleadings fall short. I cannot express how nice it is to have an entire firm of competent, friendly attorneys whose pleadings are always perfect.

- Local Probate Court Staff -

I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance with this. It has been extremely challenging for my family to navigate this transition, and I feel like we have finally arrived at a safe harbor. Hopefully, I will have a significantly reduced need for your expertise in the months ahead. If you or your firm ever need a client endorsement, you have an enthusiastic volunteer in me.

- Edward -

Theressa, I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my probate questions recently. As a newly practicing attorney and sole practitioner, it is often difficult to know how to proceed. The advice of an experienced attorney like you is invaluable. Thanks so much for your help!

- Local Probate Attorney -

I commend your receptionist, Anne. She made me feel really taken care of.

- Keith -

Thank you all so very much for your professional and responsive service for my mother and her husband in creating/finalizing their Will and Estate.

- Donna -

Getting my will completed was difficult and I understand I'm not alone. I guess for different reasons many put it off. Andrea's patience and compassionate attitude were not lost on me. Thank you Andrea for helping me see it through to completion. Thank you for your professionalism, guidance and kindness. 
- Maritza -

Wes, I appreciate your friendship and the hard work that you and your

staff have devoted to my dad´s material well being.

- Steve -

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