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WINGS “Get a Life Plan”

Attorney Theressa Hollis is a proud member of Oregon WINGS (Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders). The mission of Oregon WINGS is to strengthen guardianship practice by improving judicial processes, protecting individual rights, and promoting fiduciary standards and guardian accountability. Oregon WINGS recently created a helpful webpage called, “Get a Life Plan.” The “Get a Life Plan” webpage helps you:

1. Plan for your assets during your lifetime

2. Plan for your medical decisions

3. Plan for your assets at your death

4. Plan for your body after your death

You may already have a plan in place but maybe you have a few other questions such as:

How should I start a conversation with my loved ones about my plan?

What if my loved ones disagree with my wishes?

Where should I store my documents?

Should I give copies of my documents to my loved ones?

WINGS has answers to these questions and more. Check out the “Get a Life Plan”. After you review the web page if you decide you want to proceed with your estate planning please contact one of our attorneys to schedule your appointment.


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