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Worried that your parent’s estate plan may not be in order? Maybe you should be.

Holidays often provide wonderful quality time spent with parents and grandparents. We slow down and enjoy longer conversations at the dining table (or the 2020 version of this - in a video call). It is through these conversations that adult kids may begin to notice declining health or memory issues affecting their parents. Experiencing a global health crisis also forces us to think about our aging loved ones and what the future holds.

We often receive phone calls from concerned children with these issues:

• My parents named me in charge of their estates but I have no idea what that means...

• My dad’s health is failing, is there something I should be doing...

• I have heard horror stories about probate and I am concerned...

• I am worried that my mom does not have an estate plan...

...What do I do?

Dealing with a parent’s poorly organized estate after their incapacity or death can create stress and lots of work for their children. There are several ways that you can try to help prevent this from happening:

• You can assist your parent in scheduling a meeting to update their estate plan.

• We can review your parents’ existing plan, explain to you your role and what you can do now to prepare.

• We can explain how probate works, how estate taxes work, and what to expect.

Take away the stress of the unknown so you can focus on enjoying these holiday moments!

Please contact us at 503.786.8191 to schedule an appointment today.


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